About Aguman


It is with great pleasure and pride as President of the Aguman Capampangan Northwest USA Inc. to welcome everyone to our website!

The Aguman Capampangan Northwest USA Inc. is committed to serving the community as a non-profit Filipino‚ÄďAmerican organization based here in Portland. It began in 1996 as a social club composed of Pampangans in the area who felt a need for community and who wanted to nurture and strengthen the friendship they had with their cabalens.

The Aguman raises funds through yearly Christmas caroling and through its Luau events every mid-spring. It has promoted Philippine culture through Santa Cruzan events it has had for some time in the past. It has promoted Kapampangan culture especially their language through their partnership with the Akademyang Kapampangan International with which they jointly celebrate an annual La Naval Fiesta at Cascade Locks.

Despite its being new, the Aguman has already been able to accomplish what perhaps only a few organizations in the whole world have been able to. The series of medical dental missions it has sent to the Philippines since 1998 distinguishes it from other organizations in that it works for a humanitarian cause. In those missions, its delegates brought with them medical provisions procured from World Medical Relief Inc. Such missions, usually undertaken only by medical groups, captured the imagination of many.

The February 2017 Medical and Dental Mission to the Philippines was the 10th mission since our establishment, I am proud to report that the mission has expanded to help thousands of more people. Aguman has provided medical and dental services to more than 35,000 indigent people mostly in Pampanga but to as far as Aringay, La Union in the north and to as far as a town in Batangas in the south In most of such missions, it was able to serve six to fourteen towns over a two week period.

During these missions, some members also distribute school supplies, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias clothes and religious items to needy students in the areas of operation.

In addition this year we were able to give relief mostly in the form of rice, canned foods and noodles to the poorest of the poor in Masantol and Macabebe. Aguman does not only extend its helping hands to the people outside the United States when natural disaster strikes, but also here in Portland by feeding the homeless in our local community.

I am so proud of all the work the Aguman has contributed over the years especially in the field of humanitarian aid. We continue to grow stronger as an organization through team work, collaboration, dedication and hard work.

Mina Guinto-Tahayeri
President, Aguman Capampangan Northwest USA